12 Piece Hair Chalk

Halo London Beauty - 12 Piece Hair Chalk - 12


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This chalk is non-toxic and will stay in the hair for 1-2 washes depending on your hair colour
Hair Colour Chalk is temporary and rubs directly onto your hair, then washes out
You can add lots of different colours in just a few minutes and can be used with most hair types.
How To Have Fun & Use:
1: Place a dry towel around your neck to help protect your clothing or just an old t-shirt will do.
2: Dampen your hair a little to help the chalk attach to your hair.
3: Apply the chalk stick of your choice by sweeping down and twisting through your hair.
4: You can help seal the chalk by a straightening / curling iron.
5: For an extra seal - apply hair spray to give a more permanent finish.
6: Do not brush your hair after the chalk has been applied as it will brush out.
7: When you have finished simply wash your hair with shampoo and the chalk will wash out. (For blonde hair - it may take 2 good washes)
8: Be careful near water and rain as the chalk my run onto your clothes 

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1. Hair must be returned in original state so unworn and unused. This includes wearing, cutting, washing or styling the hair in anyway. This also means that you can't try on the hair - even if briefly as you must understand this is a hygienic product.

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