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How to to apply -
1) Lift the lashes from the tray with tweezers, applicator or fingers. Do not remove from the edges, always start from the centre.
2) Measure against your eye and if they are slightly to wide, you can trim them down using sharp nail scissors. We recommend doing this is small sections as you do not want to make them too small.
3) Apply a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band. Wait 20-30 seconds unit it becomes tacky before apply. If you do not give it enough time then the application may not work.
4) Apply with tweezers, applicator or fingers. Whichever is easy for you, start in the centre and work towards the edges following your natural also line.
If you do make a mistake, simply remove the lash. Remove any excess glue from the lash band and your eye. Then start again.
To Reuse-
Remove any excess glue, store on your lash tray.
To Remove-
Hold your lash on one end and gently pull, this will not hurt!
Includes glue and Recorded Delivery postage.
Long lasting clear glue- CAUTION, apply to lashes, not skin.
Contains latex. Stop using this product if you develop redness or itching.
In case of eye contact, wash out immediately with plenty of clean water.
If irritation or redness persists seek medical attention.
Keep out the reach of children.
Effective and dries quickly, multiple applications.

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We want the process to be easy for you so just follow the 3 simple rules!

1. Hair must be returned in original state so unworn and unused. This includes wearing, cutting, washing or styling the hair in anyway. This also means that you can't try on the hair - even if briefly as you must understand this is a hygienic product.

2. It must be returned in its retail packaging. All our extensions are presented in clear packets so you can be sure you have the correct hair before removing it from its packaging. If you remove the hair and remove the bonds that tie it up, it is ineligible for return under any circumstances.

3. Finally! You are responsible for all postage costs sending the item back to us and we cannot offer a refund or exchange until the item arrives back to our premises. But we will action all refund and exchanges typically within seven business days of the product arriving to us - as long as all they arrive in excellent condition of course!

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